this site is a

hi! olivia jade—khoury here. you can call me OJ. ︎ i’m a writer, multidisciplinary creative, and healer
using transformative language arts™+ creativity as a vessel for micro/macro justice. but like, making it look the f*ck good. >> because life is too short to romanticize the ugly shit.
i care about people, creating opportunities of visibility and transcendence for black&brown folx, and centering joy.
currently living in portland, oregon (SOS) because my corporate career currently consists of storytelling, creative strategy, and concepting for the global purpose team @ NIKE. ︎

current things in my spiritual toolbox: 

︎pleasure activism ︎ octavia butler  ︎ fourth.wave 
︎setting boundaries
︎taking hesitation or inconsistency as a ︎no︎
︎mastering the art of letting go 
︎meditation to just feel.