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allow me to confess that i swallowed my own words today. just a few days ago i expressed that i no longer believed in present music’s ability to be sexy (as i proceeded to fantasize about d’angelo’s retroactive abs.) more so, i believe there is an obscurity when it comes to women in music who are expressing the depths of feminine desire and sensuality. it’s as though the universe is unbalanced; we are bombarded with a mosh pit of sweaty masculinity and dangerous expectations and demands of women. the cramming of machismo in semi-amusing 16s is penetrating the airwaves and it seems to be affecting the way we approach relationships, sex, and love as a whole. but yawn yawn yawn, history repeats itself and is just clothed in the specific wardrobe of the generation. ours is just recycled designer.

through the veil of ephemeral music arises a woman named Summer Walker. and she spoke every word, expressed every emotion, that rests on my tongue of own sexual, emotional, and physical desires.

i’m tryna stay focused.

as i approach my 25th year, there is nothing i want more than flow in my life.
i want understanding.
i want success.
i want dreams to manifest into the greatest, most profound way possible.

and i want (need) everything around me to align with these desires. including my sex and love life. sexual energy is creative energy and vice versa. those who i allow into my sensual space need to vibrate on the same level, if not higher, so that the harmony of our energies makes a beautiful song.

you must think i got to be joking
when i say
i don’t think i can wait. i just need it now. better swing my way.”

there seems to be a narrative that women cannot coexist in a plane between biological and emotional without losing her panties, or getting them in a bunch. [bad pun?] it’s rare that we see the expression of femininity in a direct way that is still executed with softness. round to the touch. without bullets in her mouth.

i just need some dick
i just need some love

Summer’s “Girls Need Love” reiterates the fact that women can approach sex in an emotionally intelligent way. we can assert our inner desires without feeling the need to clothe our wants in virility. we don’t need to mask our expectations. we should never have to. as someone who used to equate sex to love but now doesn’t, but who still wholeheartedly believes that sex is sacred and should only be shared in a healthy, mature, and reciprocal exchange, it’s refreshing to hear the simple need expressed in a way that doesn’t weigh down the mattress with womb baggage.

girls can’t ever say they want it
girls can’t ever say “how”
girls can’t ever say they need it
girls can’t ever say “now”

the effects of Summer’s voice - sultry but not whiny - in itself address the discrepancies that exist in this realm of love, sex, and relationships. women aren’t able to state their needs, stripped of the prospect of being coy, without facing repercussion: stigmas, stereotypes, slurs. but i believe the apex of eroticism is self-awareness between silk. what isn’t more sexy than a woman understanding herself and her internal, deepest needs to satisfy herself and add more stars of ecstasy to the sky?

give it to me like you need it, baby
want you to hear me scream and heavy breathing -
i don’t need a reason baby
i’ll wind until you can cry (*)
i can give it to you right, babe, oh.
i wanna be in your lane
i can be
real good
please don’t get in your feelings

desire is not synonymous with attachment. why are we not allowed to express our needs without a stifling conviction following us? sometimes we don’t want to confuse the union with unnecessary heaviness. the extras. the non-factors. we can still be sexy, feminine, in tune with who we are, and make our demands. sometimes the romance of mutual understanding is the ingredient for orgasms of all the senses. a woman just wants a space to come naked, unclothed, and not judged. how can you cast a stone in a glass house when you'd love to make love to the woman's reflection?

i need some love
i need some love, babe

i need some love
and you can’t judge
girls need love too
girls, girls need love too
what’s a girl to do when she needs loving too?

i like to think that my sense of sexuality has not yet been met in a way that i truly and deeply need / want. as i evolve as a woman and grow to know myself more, i can see the need for new modes of communication and the way i enlighten others to the crevices of my inner being. “Girls Need Love” truly put me in a space where i felt that everything i try to convince myself that i am asking for - unapologetic understanding - is not a singularity. other women are in need of this same understanding, this same drive for an explosion inside of their room without the remnants of destruction after. i’m grateful for Summer’s song because it rewrites a narrative of women being pacified in their continual enunciation of sexual desire. a woman voicing her passions will always sound like a song, if you just listen. the assertion that because i am a woman, there needs to be a certain volume that i can speak at when it comes to my wants and needs. fuck. that.

a woman giveth, but she can damn sure taketh.

"Girls Need Love" by Summer Walker. please listen and share to support the artist. 




note: i transcribed the lyrics to the best of my own ability and do not claim to that these are all perfect. (*)


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