silent soul whispers are the ones you need to listen to. [lesson 004/023.]


intuition may have many voices but there is only one language. i've felt it enough to know. it was a tugging that i felt, a pull and not a push, a discomfort when i conceived a war inside of me between my mind and my inner-knowing. the mind will always want to rule and battle because of ego. but the soul will always bear its wisdom. intuition, to me, is like a golden umbilical cord that connects us to the highest source: the universe, god, the ethers. it's an amalgamation of ancient wisdoms, experiences, stardust, particles of the past that hold the code. our intuition keeps us aware and it keeps us alive. for women, it lives in our womb. and it will always be our biggest source of light to shed because that is where we house the universe. it is infinite and it's there for our utilization.

i've found that when i don't listen to that language, that inner-knowing, i am lost. there is no man-made blueprint that can bring me back to the center of myself. there is no work at the hand of others that can heal me. i can be guided by those many voices, but my rooted language is what brings me home. i tap into this power, this center, this space, when i tend to it. the more i speak to it with loving words, the more i pray, the more i cancel out the noise of those other voices and tune in, it grows. it magnifies in sound. it speaks in colors and can be felt as well as seen. i can taste the colors of its vibrancy. it is there for me to utilize, to guide myself, and to reach and melt into my highest form. 

the universe doesn't tell secrets. those silent soul whispers that you hear - that you feel -  are an invitation for dialogue. god is open and honest with what you are to do, if you create the space for voice to project and be heard. it's important that i tap into myself so that i am able to find my way. for too long i was allowing others' voices to project over mine and silence the sound of my own intuition. taking directions from multiple angles will always leave you lost. it's within ourselves that our inner compass remains true to our journey. 

when the universe calls, you need to be able to hear. silent soul whispers are the ones you need to listen to. they take us to our highest selves and bring us back home, safely, every time. 

olivia jade. Comment