note to self 006.

“take your time getting there. move like you love yourself.”

dear you,

an image of movement, of light

speed and velocity with arteries of gold

the pendulum tonsil between heart and cortex -

certainty escapes you

yet you jumped and crowned the sky

with a bookmark, a note of residence

finding footing in the soil that grounds you

centeredness -

an ocean of possibility

vast. expanding. opening at the mouth of creation

remembering: going inward doesn’t have to be a recoiling.

who told you that growing towards the sun

is not growing within?

you, expanding,

dancing between rivers of nectar

of affirming sound

look at you,

falling like a star

for others to pull at the roots of their own belief in magic.


in this time of transition and creation, certainty escapes you but you’ve grown gardens from dark spaces. you have tasted sunsets for closure and understand that storms are for clearing your path. each day is a poem of resilience and tenacity. the cadence you’ve created for yourself is beginning to create songs of promise for your future. there has been a shift in language; the power of the tongue is moving mountains in your presence.

[I AM] are the two most powerful words you’ve ever let leave your mouth. you are giving yourself permission to tap into your personal power and form the masterpiece that you are intended to be. ever-evolving, ever-unraveling, ever-forming.

introversion is a safe space. where isolation breeds dead soil, your solitude births rivers and honeycomb. there is no need to be afraid of going inward. you return and surface everytime. you carry two sunrises - one in each hip - when you walk in your truth. honor god by honoring yourself. that is your highest responsibility.

limited does not mean “inadequate”. we are most like god when we are creating. your resources right now do not reflect your value or your worth. you know that with gratitude comes abundance. tend to the flower and reap the benefits of a garden. find joy in the one and give thanks for the 1000. you have created castles out of broken pieces. you have the ability to alchemize nothing into something. believe and trust in this.

welcome your fear and invite it to reveal things to you. it will tell you stories of your childhood that have faded to sepia. you need to tend to the inner child of you. give her love and reassurance so she can meet you where you are; she has waited for you to become this person to remove the shackles around her. remind her of her capabilities, sing to her of self-worth and crowns of butterflies. the tears you release will water her. commit to her as your inner compass - what she needs will be your greatest source of purpose in this lifetime.

reclaim self-centeredness for your own source of power. stay rooted in the spirit. angel numbers will come as well-dressed whispers from the universe. when there is confusion or doubt, remove old thorns and replace the idle space with prayers. fold inward only to cleanse your center and tend to the moment. the winds of guidance have released every whisper that you’ve ever needed, so don’t begin to retract on your belief now. the cadence of promise, the spoken word, contains your name in stardust. to call on your ancestors requires you to listen in a new language. their wisdom will require you to engage on a level that is foreign to you. decode with your intuition.

remember: all limits are self-imposed. you shatter the glass ceiling everytime you exhale. you are meant to be here, in this moment. honor your purpose. turn your fear to flowers. turn your tears into words. success is your birthright.  

olivia jade. Comment