why i can't keep a man - an interlude.

back at it again with the singleness. 

[i promise i'm not typing this with a bitter tongue.]

this time around, i'm full. i'm still intact. i'm whole. there is love overflowing from within me. and i'm giving it all back to myself.

to say i'm not sad, though, would be me paying lip service to the truth in the mirror. the person was my absolute best friend. but also, he was the most beautiful person & spirit i've ever met. we were head over heels for each other, always together, complete opposites yet we were reflections of one another. i know he loved me - it was the first time i ever felt invested in and truly cared for. he saw things in me that others did, but he was the first person i believed. 

so............why the f*** can't i keep a man?

a very enlightening break-up led me to create this confessional. it's also the interlude (beginning) to my podcast series. listen, subscribe, and share below: 

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