how to: cleanse your subconscious for success.

a lot of us have desires. dreams. aspirations. visions. and a lot of us have trouble materializing those dreams and aspirations. right?

i know i do/did.

when we sit back and observe why we haven't made it to where we want to be yet, we begin to paint an excessive amount of excuses: "procrastination", "life is in the way"," i don't know where to begin", "i don't have the money", "girl, i'm tired!"etc. trust me, I UNDERSTAND. for the amount of excuses i have ever created, i could make some coins off of it. but through my own personal journey to my distant utopia, i've learned that all of these wardrobes and fancy outfits (excuses) we've created for the self-limiting beliefs, the doubts, and the negativity that plagues us all stem from one place: 

our subconscious.

it's true. it might sound like some mumbo-jumbo, eclectic hippie shit but believe me. when you feel a fog that seems to center and take control over your life, it comes from within. deep within. and in no other place than in the basement of your mind-- the dusty corners of our subconscious. to be able to succeed in life, whatever your definition of success is, harmony is crucial. harmony between the internal and external. there needs to be balance. there needs to be peace. there needs to be positivity. the root of this magic is seeded in what we think, and what we believe to be real in what we think. before i get into the cleansing ritual and how to set your mind up for success, here are some basic deets about the subconscious. one time for ya mind.


1. is a servant. it lives off and works from what you feed it through the conscious mind. so, it's VITAL that you are aware of what you're allowing into it.

2. takes everything literal. your subconscious doesn't know the difference between what you are joking about and what is meant. to add to this, when you speak things into existence, the universe only knows "yes." if you are constantly speaking with thorns on your tongue, the universe will nod its head and the subconscious will continue to harvest the words (+thoughts) you continue to produce.

3. is habitual and instinctual. of course, humans are habitual creatures. we fall victim to comfort and find home in repetition. after time, our recorder of a subconscious begins to adopt these habits and initiates them for us. do you see how this can get messy? if we aren't conscious of what we are habitually doing and/or saying, it becomes programmed within us. if we are constantly speaking negativity + partaking in self-destructive behavior, it will become accessible to our subconscious mind. it will be embedded. 

4. does not process negatives. speaking in negatives ("i will not...") is not understood. 

5. is a literal, personal recorder. it keeps the receipts. when you pop off on someone, hurt, neglect, resent, judge, or project negativity onto them, you'll experience all these sensations as your own. 

6. is sometimes lazy in its power. meaning, it's so lazy that it will go through all the habits you've created for yourself and take the easiest- and probably the most negative- route. 

7. is the source of our Higher self. in our subconscious is where the nectar of the gods, our soul energy, our stardust is found. basically, this the wifi hotspot where you can download your evolution. the subconscious is the center where it holds the key to unlock the higher echelon of love, beauty, truth, and self-actualization. sounds poppin', right?

8. works in the NOW. this moment. right now. it does not understand the present or the past- that's your conscious mind. your subconscious mind processes things a million times faster than your conscious mind. so, when we find ourselves in a bit of mental unrest, focusing on the future or the past, it's because our conscious mind and our subconscious mind are not harmonized. this is what we usually term as "anxiety" or "depression". our conscious mind is so focused on anything other than the now, so we lose control of our present being and risk mental cloudiness. 

9. 95% of our behavior + decisions are controlled by the subconscious. 

THE SUBCONSCIOUS CLEANSE (for your own success):

(subconscious) thoughts become things. the law of attraction is a theme we constantly read and hear about in congruence with stories of success. 'when you believe it, you can achieve it' and all that shit. i know the power of the word, the power of our mind, and i believe it can bring forth gold. i've been so prone to negative thinking for so long, that i decided to cleanse everything within me and begin anew. unlearn everything. unwash my brain. release myself from the negativity. and this is what i've implemented to cleanse my subconscious and reprogram it for my own happiness and success. 

  • place yourself in the now. since your subconscious mind lives in the NOW, place your thoughts in the present. stop living in the past and stop worrying about the future. plant seeds in the earth under your feet. switching from the past, to the present, to the future drains your subconscious.
  • WATCH YOUR WORDS. your subconscious takes everything literally. feed it organic. feed it healthy. feed it love. feed it affirmation. feed it present tense. think from a space of peace.
  • change your perception of self.stop focusing on "flaws". focus on your flaws as what makes you YOU. bask in your unique characteristics and capabilities. affirm who you are as the person you desire to be. look in the mirror and recognize the god(dess) within you. own that person. project that person. be that person.
  • change your negative environment. is your enivronment conducive to your growth? does it set fire to your peace? are you constantly being pricked by the thorns on others' tongues? time to get up and two-step out of that space. our subconscious is a literal recorder- it keeps the receipts for everything. when you surround yourself with toxicity, it becomes habitual for your sub. to identify with it. your subconscious mind will eat the poison you feed it. a healthy environment is pertinent to your growth and therefore your success.
  • forgive. [the art of letting go.] this might seem a little deviant from the other cleansing tactics, but this is a CRITICAL point in my cleanse. i was a hoarder of bad memories. a hoarder of resentment. as time went on, those bad memories turned into hatred and negativity projected into my life. it became hard to trust others and therefore build meaningful relationships. my insecurities restricted me from giving and receiving love. i pretty much just pushed everyone away because i did not understand the power in forgiveness and how that releases the chains on your subconscious. once i wholeheartedly began to forgive others and myself for things in my past, i was able to tap into this space of "high". higher love, higher vibrations, higher positivity. i'm beginning to believe in myself and my vision more and more every day because i let go. i let go, i let love take over, and i let god. since the subconscious is literal and records everything, when you're able to take those "bad" memories and accept them for what it is, but forgive the person, yourself, and it from even happening, you are no longer a prisoner to your thoughts. you release yourself from that mental prison and can move on to accept the good that is meant to come into your life.
  • choose power. choose love. begin to think positive, empowering thoughts. breed the reality you want to live in the space where it begins- your mind. water the garden in your subconscious with only water.
  • visualize. think of your subconscious as a huge projector. it likes visuals. it wants to be able to keep storage of the photos you create for yourself. so create visions that are real + soul quenching. visualize yourself where you want to be- but don't set the time in the future, remember? visualize your desires like you're partaking right now. give thanks for it in the now. place yourself in that image right. now. the subconscious, though logical and literal, is a center of feelings. feel the beach. taste the exotic foods you desire. touch the money in your hands. create vision boards, set your wallpaper. feed your subconscious visual candy daily. this way, it replaces the clutter that's been there for so long with these new thoughts.
  • begin the journey of good habits. as stated before, the subconscious is habitual. it remembers everything (just knooooow.) to cleanse the subconscious and trick it into habits, you have to form new ones. make it a habit to speak love into the universe. make it a habit to wake up early and start your day right. make it a habit to meditate and take time out of your day to settle your mind's chaos. make it a habit to breathe deep and easier. make it a habit to support others. make it a habit to compliment others and speak life into your personal space. make it a habit to indulge in self care. make it a habit to reap good karma. make it a habit to make good things habits. rituals and routine. a habit to cleanse.

cleansing your subconscious comes with time, patience, and repetition. you can't expect to cleanse it overnight, but i hope i provided some tips that will get you into a mode of purifying your subconscious to set you up for success. because your success begins with the seed of affirmative thinking. be powerful in your journey.