the importance of sacred space and rituals for success.

i'm always talking about energy, growth, and maintaining alignment within this crazy ass, beautiful world. of course, the basics are simple: keep good company, meditate, be impeccable with your word, pray, eat, love...all that shit. but no one ever talks about environment. or the practices that it takes to become your higher self. because of this shift in consciousness that is being televised and tweeted, there's a lot of misconception about the strength, resilience, and time that is necessary for one to grow and become one with their highest self. 

  • check your energy / be intentional. 
    "what is tangible can then be transformed"
    admittance - admitting that there is a need for change + an implementation of conscious effort to keep your space sacred and rituals for the betterment of yourself. 
    ownership - owning the process and knowing it is your OWN, and no one else's.
    following through - intentional consistency, bae. 

  • keep your space sacred. (environment is key.)
    feng shui, the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with your environment, wasn't made up out of someone's post-opium high. environment is vital for a flower to bloom. we've seen roses out of concrete; however, if you have the privilege of making a conscious choice to succeed in your space, do so. i had to set myself up for success, for alignment, so i had to make sure my environment was somewhere where i would be watered. we as humans, as souls, need a space where we can re-charge, pray, dig for gold in our solitude. our element is not just a space to lay your head. our room, our offices, our homes: the energy must be fruitful, it must be cleared, it must be treated with care. i've lived in so many situations where it was unhealthy for me. and i sat and wondered why i wasn't growing. work with what you have to make sure your space is a place where you can expand and become your full self, be alone and not lonely, and be free within the company of walls. do not invite energies over that are not for the betterment of you, because they will linger. they will make home in your space. 
  • rituals > routines.
    a ritual is "the safe space you create that allows you to open the deepest parts of yourself." it's a time of transformation and kissing your highest self on the cheek, locking hands, and diving into the unknown. this time that you create contributes to your wholeness. this time with yourself is unique; your ritual may not be the same as what others do during their time of union and meditation. for me, i love to turn my phone off, open up a book, read. my rituals also include time for self-care: face masks, exfoliations, combing my hair, exercise, cooking, cleaning. ritual is not only a noun but a verb. it's the flow, the meditative act, of working towards -- as silly as it sounds -- yourself. your utmost, your being. light a candle, turn your phone off, take a little more extra time with your hair and make-up today, or your work-out, and feel yourself adding to your wholeness. 
  • cleanliness is next to godliness. 
    declutter. your. space.
    metaphorically and physically.
    get rid of anything that can carry weight of bones or old blood from the past. letters, or reminders, of things that no longer serve you-- burn them. minimalism is a great characteristic to embody when it comes to space. "have a mind that's open to everything but attached to nothing." do not carry around dead weight. do not package old bones in new designer luggage and deceive yourself that it's still meant for your journey. clear your mind, clear your space. 
  • consistency. 
    i'm only going to say this once.
    make a calendar, make an alarm, make reminders on post-it notes and post them all over your walls. be consistent. loving yourself and adding to your wholeness is a full-time job. it isn't temporary work for infinite alignment. it takes WORK, son. but you can do it. 



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