24 is the new million.

i was supposed to be rich by 19. by the time i turned 20, i was supposed to be a millionaire. it's a year and some change later and i'm a bit late to my own penthouse house-warming party. instead, i'm sitting inside of my best friend's living room, on the floor, drinking alkaline water, sweatpantshairtiedchillinwithnomakeupon, writing and working to materialize these dreams i've had since who knows how long. it's good to know that i am indeed not late, but right on time. 

a few years ago (a few months ago) you couldn't catch me being this proactive and consistent with working towards my dreams. i was back in Brooklyn- jobless, frustrated, depressed, and giving up. vision was cloudy and there was no passion in anything i did anymore. i felt like the walking dead- waking up every day and physically existing but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually dead. my frustration was rooted in the fact that i felt i was stagnant and going absolutely nowhere. everything seemed to be going completely wrong: i had no money, i was nowhere near where i wanted to be, my relationship was fucked up, and i was a mean and nasty individual. instead of deciding to be more active in materializing the visions of success i had, i was blocking my blessings and getting absolutely nothing accomplished. have you ever felt the pain of scrolling on instagram and seeing someone else's success burn into every fiber of your being? shit ain't sweet. the comparisons and the self-defeating thoughts came busting down my door, every single day. they lived in my mind. they didn't pay rent. 

it wasn't until my partner helped me to realize that your success lies in your daily routine. he would encourage me to get in the habit of doing things that would lead me to success. i had to unlearn everything i knew about the life i was living, the ways i was living it, and relearn positive habits for a daily routine. i had to learn how to (well one, stop with the self-pity bullshit and get my act together) get in a habit of maximizing my 24 hours. in this lifetime, i've caught myself in comparing my life to others. but the truth is, if were to analyze these successful entrepreneurs, music artists, bloggers, etc. who we look up to, we can see that their success lies in their daily routine, time and time again. those who recognize time is money, time is value, time is currency, understand that it's important to spend your time (money) wisely. 24 is the new million. maximize your 24. you already have the power. 

we all have dreams. we should all want to become the highest form of our self and live a life fulfilled. and we also all have the same 24 hours. @@the square root of all materialized dreams are smaller, accomplished goals.@@ to get the most out of your dreams, and your day, you have to ask yourself certain questions:

1. what is my dream? what are my goals that i am trying to accomplish? what sets my soul on fire? what makes passion burn inside of me? what do i LOVE doing?

2. how the fuck do i get to the other end of this question? how do i get to where i want to be?

3. what can i do everyday to ensure i am maximizing my 24 hours and maximizing my potential? what baby steps can i take towards my dream? 

you have to think in steps- think of the puzzle pieces that make up the bigger picture. (remember- @@baby steps lead to big blessings.@@) once you answer these questions truthfully, you can begin to see what is necessary to make these dreams a reality. here is a list of things that i believe are vital to implement into a habitual, daily routine to maximize your full day and get results:

how to maximize your 24 hours:

🌞 goal setting
this is crucial, crucial, crucial. write down your goals for the day, a to-do list, a checklist. (i write mine out the night before- it lets me go into the next day with a clear indication of what i am doing for the day and takes up less time in the morning. work smarter not harder.) write out what you wish to accomplish. read them aloud to yourself. actually verbalizing and visualizing yourself doing these things creates manifestation. it creates the space to do. thoughts become things. 

🌞 move with intention and purpose. 
if you have no intention of accomplishing things, then why you here bruh? live your life with intention and purpose. it gives your life clarity. when you move with purpose, you are able to gauge what is for you and what isn't. it puts things into perspective and induces you to make strategic moves towards what it is you are trying to get done.

🌞 organization. 
if this isn't number one, this is key. organization is vital for a clear mind and a clear path. keeping things organized in the material realm usually means a less crowded and noisy mind- and vice versa. keep notebooks, apps, and email folders clean and organized. create separate binders and notebooks for specific projects. maintain a habit of tidiness. declutter. cleanliness (and organization) is next to godliness. apps for functionality and organization like evernote and buffer are keys. 

🌞 wake up early. 
the early bird catches the worm. if you're like me, you might find that waking up at 12 pmdoesn't allow for a flow of production throughout the day. waking up early and beating the sun gives room to bloom in a dark room. the best hours of the day to send emails is in the morning, post your blog post before the traffic rushes in online, and get that morning run in before you have to sit down and work for the rest of the day. you'll thank yourself for getting more things done early and having the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. 

🌞 movement.
stretch and exercise. when you wake up, get the blood in your body flowing. circulation flow keeps the body and mind alert. i try to stretch at the very least for 10-15 minutes in the morning. the endorphins i release always give me that natural high to feel good about the new day. i count my blessings and talk to myself- again, verbalizing my goals for the day- and put positive energy into the universe. stretching and running in the early morning releases toxins and increases your energy levels. so get to movin'! 

🌞 sleep well. 
let's break this down. sleep is vital for your overall health. lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, inhibits basic cognitive processes, and kills your sex drive, amongst other things. stop believing that you are missing something by going to sleep. that album drop (if it isn't frank) is still going to be there in the morning. get a fresh listen on your way to the money. drake is not paying you to listen to his album. go to bed, boo. sleep well. feeling refreshed and mentally aware is only in your best interest when working towards your goals. 

🌞 eat good and h2o. 
i'm a stickler for eating well. having a consistent, healthy diet prepares your body to fight through the ill wills. organic fruit, veggies, dairy, and meat can keep toxins out of your body and keep regulation internally.  your body is indeed a temple, so only treasure what reflects gold inside of it. drink alkaline water to keep the mind clear, limit caffeine, drink tea to detox, eat veggies and fruit for your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and appropriate sugars. keeping the soul, body, and mind harmonized only makes for success. 

🌞 prioritize.
get the big things done first. always. it gets you into the habit of hashing out the big issues. it limits the cage of procrastination and forces you out of your comfort zone. if you consistently do the big things first, the smaller tasks are going to be a breeze. 

🌞 feed your mind.
if you plan on taking over the world like i am, you have to keep your mind sharp. knowledge is wealth. wealth is power. power is a reflection of you standing in your truth and actualizing your potential. you have to feed and mold that potential. so, i suggest to read and journal. clear your thoughts. write everything down. read for at least 30 minutes a day. when i say read, i don't mean a timeline or a twitter scroll. pick up a book or grab at least 3 scholarly online articles that can expand your mind and make you think. journal your thoughts about what you just read. what did you learn? how can you apply this to your life? this is a great way to mind-vomit and release the clutter in your mind. organization, remember? feed your mind and your body will follow. 

🌞 fuck the extras. (discipline and commitment)
studies prove that minding your business and holding your own increases the glow in your skin, the pep in your step, and the money in your bank account. when you're working towards your higher self and actualizing these dreams, you want to remember that idolizing others does not get your work done. unless you work for tmz, worrying about others does not pay your bills. scrolling instagram and twitter for hours used to paralyze me. now, i check myself. if i spend more than 15 minutes on an app, i know it's time to slap myself on the hand and get it all the way togetha and refocus. it's important to understand that no one is going to do the work for you. when you have a dream, it takes discipline and commitment and nothing less. cut out all the extras, whether it be excessive time online that is not conducive to your growth, stagnant friendships, or something as simple as sugar in your diet. cut out the extras. filter your sacred energy and know how to invest in yourself with intention.