empowering interpretations: how shifting your focus can alter your reality.


a dark, foreign language of my mind has been taking over conversations i've been having with myself lately. through recent transition phases i've found myself battling my own inner voice, which led to more chaos and confusion. i've been a victim of my own abuse- self-defeatist thinking, pessimistic views, and limiting thoughts. i told myself 2017 would be the year to give all of this up and begin on a path of unapologetic evolution. the reality is that evolution doesn't happen if you're still chained to your thoughts. mental bondage is quicksand for feet: no action precipitates if the mind is trapped.

to look back on all the trials and tribulations i overcame in the last year with a smile on my face is to see with naked eyes. clear, neutral, flowing with truth. god vision. the truth is that the grass is always greener where you water it. we so often get caught in the minute details of negative situation- so often that we have conditioned ourselves to react with fear, worry, and doubt. but ultimately, we have the choice to interpret situations the way we want. we hold the power to change our thoughts. thoughts become things, so why not spoil yourself with gold and fresh flowers? a soul tool i really unlocked in the last year, a habit i've come to adopt, is something called empowering interpretations. 

interpret - (verb) - to understand (that something) has a particular meaning or significance.

empower - (verb) - make (someone) more stronger or more confident. give (someone) the power or authority to do something.

empowering interpretations are like the final form of flipped perspectives. in the midst of fire, it's the ability to see with eyes of water- seeing events as is and not necessarily good or bad. creating an empowering interpretation is the shift from passive to active: you are putting the power back into yourself and not into the situation that you are in. you are not allowing the circumstances to have power over you, but rather the other way around. 

we do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.

truth be told i'm not a cookie-cutter-everything-is-perfect-and-pink type broad. in true form, i'm extremely upfront and honest about my emotions and how i feel. visions through a lens of realism keep my feet connected to the earth. of course, i choose to live my life in a positive light, to not put crutches or limitations on myself because of my gender or ethnic background, but i like to stay woke. i've found that this new wave of mindfulness has bred misconceptions of what being conscious and aware truly is. higher consciousness, or becoming a better you, does not mean you coat your tongue with sugar constantly. there is no invisible law that the more positive you are, the more conscious you are. excessive "positive thinking", i feel, can sugar coat the truth, and that's not honoring nor respecting yourself. i enjoy the real with plastic utensils versus deceit on a silver platter. 

empowering interpretations are not about coddling yourself with delusional positivity for the sake of your sanity. in the process of interpreting, i found that i must remove all emotional attachment from my thoughts. when i begin to intertwine emotion and thought, that's when i become chained. i find that when i intertwine emotion and thought and cannot separate myself outside of them both, i am personalizing the pain and giving it a name. personalizing the pain means i am victimizing myself, becoming one with the situation and thus carrying that heaviness inside of me. do not victimize yourself. choose to assign an empowering interpretation to the situation.

after leaving my ex-boyfriend, my apartment, and coming back home with no belongings to a place where i had no job, no friends, and no money - i could have easily subdued myself to the darkness. instead, i created an authentic, empowering interpretation to live in my own truth. i took the situation as it was. challenges and obstacles became opportunities. my curiosity sparked flames inside my soul. empowering myself was like giving myself new eyes to see and love to drink. reframing your thoughts to focus on the bigger picture. shift your interpretation. change your perspective. in situations i've found it beneficial to ask myself questions to squeeze the honey out of it:

what is the lesson here?

what is there to learn?

what am i being shown? 

what limiting belief or emotion do i need to release (to move forward)? 

the grass is greener where you water it. there has been a lot more dirt under my fingernails from digging so deep in my soul, but the gold i have uncovered has increased tenfold. understanding that i create my reality has given me a peace that i've been trying to cultivate for years. when we put ourselves in a position of power- over our thoughts, our words, our actions- we are in a position to take our lives to the next level. 


if you'd like a free worksheet of empowering interpretations and how to do so, click here.