ciao, bella. i'm Olivia Jade.


yes, my mother really named me that.
i also go by OJ (the glove doesn't fit, folks), Liv, Liveraci ("thanks, Mom" pt.2) or Miss Khoury if you're nasty. (really, really bad Janet Jackson reference.)
anyway, you're probably here because you found me on Twitter or we met in person and you told me you liked my hair.
not combing my hair for a few days worked.
during the time i am procrastinating on intense self-care that is maintaining this fro, i am working to explore the intersections between self-development, wellness, culture, and music. through vulnerable story-telling, developing disruptive, creative content, and pushing the agenda of self-love to combat mental illness, i've created a vision and forged my signature on it. my purpose and pleasure is to use my voice to help others find their own. 



wordsmith. poet. vessel of truth. influencer through a medium of voice. however you want to word it, i am a writer by nature. through words i create worlds, new and unmasked. i don't write in all lowercase for nothing. click below to see how my writing can work for you. 

creative engineer.


what's god-given can't be taken away. i'm a creator by nature - artist, idea bank, curator, creative director, etc. click below to see how my photography, event coordination, creative direction, or content creation can work for you. 

dot connector.


have you ever met a business-minded creative soul? like i said, my name is Olivia Jade. i call myself a dot connector because i use my business skills to connect dots that others may not see with a naked eye. click below to see how my marketing skills, influence, relationship building, and communication strategy can work for you. 


so like i said.....i write. a lot. here are some featured pieces from my blog: