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however you want to word it, i am a writer by nature. click to see some of my published work.  



have you ever met a business-minded creative soul? like i said, my name is Olivia Jade. i call myself a dot connector because i use my business skills to connect dots that others may not see with a naked eye. click below to see how my marketing skills, influence, relationship building, and communication strategy can work for you. , event coordination, creative direction, and content creation. 



what's god-given can't be taken away. i'm a creator by nature - artist, idea bank, curator, creative director, etc. click to see some of my photography and creative direction for other artists.


Olivia Jade is a writer, creative strategist, and an artist born in many places. In one of the first neighborhoods where she grew up, she exuded an entrepreneurial mindset as she gathered the kids of the neighborhood to sell lemonade, wash cars, and hold yard sales to make extra money. Growing up as a child who moved around a lot, her natural love for making connections turned into a skill and a gift. With an innate love for art, literature, and music, OJ was marked early as an imaginative creative and a critical thinker.

In elementary school and middle school, Olivia Jade tested highly as a gifted student and began her studies at high school levels. At the age of 15, Olivia Jade was invited to be the youngest intern at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice because of her writing abilities. There, she honed her skills of journalism and editing as a contributor to the SP2 Annual Review. During her time in Philadelphia, she volunteered at a LGBTQ youth center for marginalized Black and Brown teenagers and young adults. This was the seeding moment of her passion to use her skills to create initiatives that would push an agenda of community engagement and development, particularly for mental health and education.

2011 was the year her eyes opened. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter gave her the space to connect with others with her writing and vibrant opinions on pop culture and music. OJ’s social media presence caught the attention of many artists in the music industry; it became a critical point in Olivia’s career as she began to aspire to be a music journalist, writing for multiple small publications.

In 2015, after graduating from St. John’s University with a double major in Communications and Business and interning for VIBE Magazine, she stayed in New York to become the youngest marketing manager of a membership parlor for New York’s elite. During this time she grew her writing repertoire and began her journey with her own personal brand.

For many years, Olivia Jade suffered from depression and anxiety. It came to a head in 2016 when she decided to leave New York City to heal from domestic abuse and find herself. Her time in Southern California showed herself as an aspiring thought leader and creative marketer as she helped build multiple businesses, create a series of events for Black and Brown people in San Diego and Los Angeles, and build a profitable brand for herself (

Today, Olivia Jade uses her experience with mental health and healing, blending critical thinking skills, artistic eye, and marketing smarts to integrate her passions into a brand that is growing constantly. Through vulnerable story-telling, creating eye-catching content, and pushing the agenda of self-love to combat mental illness, she has created a vision and forged her signature on it.

Her goal is to become a serial entrepreneur, owning and creative directing businesses that push agendas of self-empowerment, socioeconomic development, and Black and Brown mental health.