olivia jade.
olivia jade.
watering the flowers in my mind.


auditory feel-good hallucinations for self - development & healing.




last year in 2017 i had a strict playlist that i played every.single.day to get me motivated and in the head & heart space of being productive to work towards my goals. it aided me in working to get out of my parents’ home and into Los Angeles on my own. i believe that music is a vehicle for traveling and a channel to broadcast your own desires into the universe. auditory projections of what we truly want. since then i’ve added to the playlist and continue to listen to it as my goal list grows.
i pray you listen & add some color to the outlines of your dreams. <3


transitioning hearts. 

i wanted to make a playlist dedicated to the feeling that travels in the back pocket of summer when it reaches its train stop. we've had countless evenings of a dark sun hiding feelings of commitment, but now that the season is changing, where is the standing of our heart? 

signed, dj440. 



"Homeostasis refers to the body's need to reach and maintain a certain state of equilibrium. The term is often used to refer to the body's tendency to monitor and maintain internal states such as temperature and energy levels at fairly constant and stable levels."

balance has to be cultivated within. ~

how often do we think about equilibrium on a daily basis? in order to bloom from center there needs to be an axis, a middle sun, that i operate from. for me, this means that i create rituals, routines, and a sacred space that encapsulates the balanced wave i want to ride. regulating our emotions + thoughts to create a stability is vital to evolution. i've learned that our body is our subconscious mind; thus, music to heal. there's freedom in balance.  


sundaze\\ 001. 
blooming from center. 

one of the divine lessons that i am learning is how to stay in my center. a lot of my growth came inadvertently through loving the 'wrong' men and learning how to become an artist with the pieces of myself left behind. a reminder i tell myself every day, as an over-thinking over-lover, is that i need to stay in my skin.

staying in your skin means
+ operating from center.
+ remembering who you are & not stepping outside of that for anything or anyone.
+ honoring your commitment to self.
+ taking pride in who you are and not just what you have to offer.
+ moving from an aligned space. 

for me, this has been about listening to my deepest intuition. hearing out the voice closest to my heart and acting upon its chant. blooming from center and allowing others to enjoy the extensions of self that runneth over, versus being plucked at the root for the sake of being touched. here's to groundedness & making home within ourselves. ~

sundaze\\ is a playlist series dedicated to the culmination of the week. the beginning + the end. the alpha and the omega of lessons, emotions, and experiences. each playlist is themed to curate a mood and induce the sentiment of a gold mine of a lesson. created by olivia jade.


words on: 001.

we're constantly evolving. changing. growing.

but at times it can get where the uncertainty compass is heavy - not only in our hands but in our spirits. just wanted to provide a few words / phrases / affirmations that can be utilized, or listened to, to ease the weight of movement into a dance.